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The FW3 is a premium, proven, core-mounted unit designed by QUIKLOC to payoff wire in the .001 to .065 diameter range. Includes a 5/8" shaft that easily slips into the core hole. Heanium eyelets on the arms. Adjustable standard horizontal arm for spools up to 18" in diameter. And an adjustable tension brake. The ultimate payoff is dependable performance.


  1. Set vertical arm so that spinning ring rotates with its center over center of body.
  2. Set horizontal arm with its ring just below top flange of spool, with wire just clearing flange.
  3. Loosen button head screw and adjust horizontal arm up or down, or in or out, as desired. When proper setting is achieved, retighten button head screw and test.
  4. Tension brake can now be set as desired. (Turn clockwise to decrease tension, counterclockwise to increase tension.)